Quiet Garage Doors

SHS addressed an industry issue that has existed for decades, garade door noise. Until now there has not been a product available that reduces the noise caused by metal to metal contact during operation. The majority of garage door noise occurs by the hinge and roller systems. While companies offer a "nylon" coated roller, the main issue of noise caused by hinges wasn't addressed. SHS has developed a solution for the noise generating hinge and have vigourously tested the product to insure sustainable performance

Patented Design

Very simple and effective this new design incorporates many feature of the standard hinge with the added feature that eliminates metal to metal contact. The top of our hinge has additional steel that wraps around the self-lubricating plastic. The plastic sleeve allows the hinge to pivot without making any metal to metal contact thus providing quiet operation

  • Designed and tested to Miami Dade Hurricane Standards @ over 200 MPH winds.
  • Heavy duty & durable self-lubricating plastic
  • Fits most doors new and old without any additional drilling or modification to the door.
  • Complimented by nylon coated roller with plastic sleeve
  • Great for homowners with a bedroom above the garage.
  • Cycle tested 15,000 times showed minimal wear on plastic sleeve and hinge
  • This product is built to withstand any weather elements, Hot, Cold, Rain, Snow, and even Hurricanes.